Adaptive Clothing Design. who are we?

Adaptive Clothing Design is a Canadian online retailer offering adaptive clothing and accessories for nonautonomous individuals, so that their families and loved ones can take the stress of assisted dressing off their shoulders. Our items also helps nursing home staff and make the whole process more comfortable for the person being dressed.

We have partnered with Canada’s industry leader with over 40 years of expertise, to serve Canada’s provinces with the best quality and most functional designs on the market. 

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Products specifications and features

Our adaptive clothing items were created with the basis of the traditional hospital gown and are designed to ensure the respect and dignity of nonautonomous individuals requiring assisted dressing.

The products are either designed with pressure snap or velcro closures to be quick and easy to put on and take off. The overlapping fabric at the back ensures full coverage for when a person is standing up and walking around. The material is specifically chosen for its ability to resist to the harsh effects of industrial washing, and we offer soft, comfortable, and stylish clothes (for all) that give the impression of a regular outfit! 

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